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Drain Cleaning

When homeowners experience a clogged drain in our home, we often knee jerk into thinking that nothing but the most powerful chemicals must be used to unclog the drain.  Some of these products are very harsh and powerful, and can cause damage to our pipes, pollute the waste water leaving the home, and even cause us health problems.  There are other drain cleaning options available.

Sometimes these powerful chemical solutions may be needed (the household cleaning industry would have us all believe they are always necessary!) but there are other choices and options to try before you need go this route.  In this section we offer up some other approaches and solutions to clogged or stopped up drains.

There are gentler, yet effective approaches, to breaking down clogs other than burning a hole through it with industrial strength acid or lye. Bacteria based enzyme cleaners are effective, and there are home solutions such as a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.  The tried and true plunger is always an option, and a plumbers snake is another choice, for serious clogs.

Read through the solutions offered up here and balance them with your own drain problem or blockage.  You may well be able to fix the problem yourself, and not have to call in a drain cleaning expert.