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Natural Clogged Drain Solutions

We all see the advertisements on TV or in supermarkets about powerful effective drain cleaners.  What we are not being told is that the chemicals in these drain cleaners are very toxic and dangerous.  These chemicals will cause tremendous health problems if they are inhaled, even in small amounts, with your mouth, nose or lungs.  If they are accidentally eaten these chemicals can be fatal.

We are also not told about the potential damage to our pipes and plumbing, or the pollution these chemicals cause.  There are natural clogged drain solutions that are very effective, without these health and environmental dangers.

The first thing to try to unclog your drain, and the very easiest, is a combination of one cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda.  Pour in the cup of baking soda in and over the clogged drain and then pour the vinegar on top of the baking soda.  This combination causes the mixture to bubble and fizz, which can definitely break down clogs.  When the fizzing and bubbling have stopped, then you run very hot water down the drain.  If the clog persists, try the procedure again, up to 3 times.

If this is unsuccessful, look up your nearest health food store, and they will have some bacteria based enzyme cleaners available that can break down the clog in the pipe without damaging everything else it comes in contact with. This is the key difference between this solution and chemical drain cleaners.

Also, in conjunction with these natural solutions, break out the time honored plunger and use it briskly, they very often can break down blockages.

If these efforts have failed, then call in your licensed professional plumber and he will have the skills and tools to fix the problem.