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Prevent Clogged Drains

After a couple of backed up drains, many homeowners are ready to take some measures to prevent further clogged drains.
The problem is that we do not pay attention to what we flush down our toilets and put down the garbage disposal, and over time (or it can happen quickly) a clogged drain occurs.

Very often, it is an accumulation. Greasy or fatty substances in food, as well the food itself will start to congeal in a pipe.  Throw in excess hair, or too much toilet paper from the bathroom and it’s very easy to get a clogged pipe.

So we do need to stop putting grease and fatty foods residue down our kitchen sinks.  We also need to stop putting potato skins, orange peels, eggshells and coffee grinds down the sink.  Throw the fatty foods, orange peels, potato skins, etc. into the garbage.  Pour excess grease into cans and then throw them out.  Wipe the excess grease off of plates, with a paper towel, before rinsing them.

In the bathroom, we should never flush baby wipes, paper towels or sanitary napkins down the toilet. It seems we all know better than to jam things down our toilets, but it still happens!

Put screens over the bathtub drains so to catch the excess hair we all leave behind.  It’s much easier to clean this screen than call in a plumber.  It is hard to catch everything.  Toothpaste, hair gel, shampoos, body lotions will make their way down the drains, and be a potential source of clogging, but we can minimize the impact with some common sense.

Every 3 months pour use a solution of baking soda and vinegar on your drains.  Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain, it will likely not all go down, and then a pour a cup of vinegar over the drain.  When the fizzing and bubbling stop, then pour very hot water down the drain.  This procedure can break down any clogs that may be forming – excellent prevention.

If your home has a history of blocked or clogged drains or sewer lines, then you would be well advised to have your drain pipes snaked, by a professional plumber, on a regular basis.  This prevention will be an expense but will likely prevent a major clogged drain or pipe problem from occurring.