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Your home is not exempt.  Eventually, you will have a clogged bathtub drain, a backed up toilet or a jammed garbage disposal.  Would that we could all avoid these normal  plumbing problems but we cannot.

As homeowners we should all learn some basic plumbing skills.  We should not necessarily wait for a plumber to arrive to fix some relatively basic problems if we can learn to fix them ourselves.

We should be able to unclog a toilet, or fix a leaking shower faucet.  It’s as simple as that. You can learn how to solve these, and other basic plumbing problems, at this site.  Before you call in a professional plumber for help, take the time to read the information about your plumbing issue and see if you can fix it yourself.  The tips, information and advice here should serve you well.

You can always call in a professional as required.