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Repairing Leaky Faucets

The most common home plumbing issues are leaky faucets.  Typically, as homeowners, we ignore the problem and hope it goes away on its own, but of course it will not. Fortunately, repairing leaky faucets is something that we all can do.  Don’t let the problem persist – a leaky faucet can run up your water bill by $20.00 a month.

To start the repair process, first turn off the water supply to the leaky faucet.  This valve will be underneath the sink.  In cases of older homes, and you cannot find this valve under the sink, then you will need to shut off the water supply coming into the home.  Just know that no water will be available for toilets or showers while you affect the repairs.

Now loosen and remove the screw from the faucet handle.  Many faucets have ornamental plastic caps covering these screw so if this is the case, pop it off, and then remove the screw.

Now gentle remove the handle from the stem.  You should see a nut below this that is holding the stem in place.  Turn this nut counterclockwise until it is removed, and lift the stem out.

Now you should see a washer.  The usual cause for a leaky faucet is a bad or degraded washer.  Remove the washer and replace it with a duplicate which you can pick up at your local hardware store. Ask for help if you have any questions or doubts.  Examine the stem and handle, before you go to the hardware store.  If you notice any damage or scoring on these parts, take them with you and get advice on whether they should be replaced.

Now put back the faucet assembly in reverse order that you took them apart.  Be sure the nut holding the stem is tightened properly.  When reassembled, turn the water valve back on and check for leaks.  If the leak still remains then we suggest calling in your licensed plumber for help.