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Sewer Maintenance

Preventative sewer maintenance in La Grange Illinois can help prevent sewer blockages but not always. A few tips would be:

  1. not to put anything except toilet paper and digested food into the toilet
  2. have new garbage disposer installed (old ones lose their cutting ability and can cause blockages)
  3. do not put grease down the drains and use a strainer in the tub/shower to catch hair
  4. educating your family on these tips is a good idea because most people just don’t realize they are causing a problem.
  5. there are many products on the market today that can be purchased at any La Grange store that say they are safe to flush such as baby and personal wipes but do not flush them, throw them into the garbage can.
  6. people do not realize that when they run out of TP and use tissue or paper towels are risking a toilet or sewer stoppage. TP is made to breakdown in water and tissue and paper towels are made to stay strong when wet causing a blockage.

You know you need sewer repair or sewer cleaning when the whole house is backing up.