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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

No one looks forward to sewer line repair but Trenchless Sewer Line Repair is making it easier and less expensive.  In fact, the prospect of sewer line repair has long horrified most homeowners.  In the past, those fears were completely justified.  Sewer line repair was an expensive, time-consuming proposition.  Even in best case scenarios, sewer line repair would require destructive digging that would ruin landscaping efforts.

Today, things are different.  Sewer line repair still isn’t a cause for celebration, but Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) technology eliminates many of the negative impacts linked to the process.  Thanks to CIPP, sewer line repair is no longer a cause for alarm.

What is CIPP Sewer Line Repair?

Traditional sewer line repair involved digging out old pipes from the lawn and replacing them with new ones.  This arduous process took a great deal of time and left yards in shambles.  CIPP sewer line repair makes things easier by actually creating new pipe within the existing, damaged sewer system.
This exciting technology involves the use of an inflatable bladder surrounded by an expandable felt cylinder treated with a special resin.  The sewer line repair team snakes the cylinder through the existing pipe and then inflates it.  This pushes the felt up against the existing outer pipe, creating a structural sound and durable new pipe.  It’s an ideal sewer line repair solution.

CIPP Sewer Line Repair is Fast

Traditional sewer line repair techniques often took many days of work.  CIPP sewer line repair, on the other hand, can often be completed within a single day.  Sewer line repair teams can quickly cut the necessary lengths of material on-site and inflation/bonding process is extremely fast.

If you’re in need of sewer line repair, CIPP can provide a quick solution!

CIPP Sewer Line Repair is Inexpensive

The costs associated with traditional sewer line repair invariably alarmed homeowners.  The digging process required high-dollar equipment and a great deal of labor.  The new pipes used in the sewer line repair process were expensive.  Labor costs were always high and they forced the homeowner to contend with the expenses associated with repairing his or her lawn after workers finished the sewer line repair.  Nothing about sewer line repair was affordable!

In relative terms, CIPP is very inexpensive.  There’s no digging and the CIPP sewer line repair materials cost less than standard pipe.  Additionally, the homeowner avoids yard repair and landscaping bills after the completion of the sewer line repair job.

CIPP Sewer Line Repair is Durable

CIPP sewer line repair isn’t merely a temporary solution.  This exciting sewer line repair technology is extremely strong and long-lasting.  In fact, many experts maintain that a CIPP sewer line repair will last fifty years or longer!  Additionally, the CIPP method of sewer line repair creates a solid and consistent pathway for materials within the pipe, making drains work better and increasing their overall capacity.

One shouldn’t consider CIPP sewer line repair a cheap workaround for a serious problems.  It’s a strong, reliable alternative to old-fashioned approaches to sewer line repair.

If you’re in need of sewer line repair, contact specialists who work with Cured in Place Pipe technology.  CIPP is a fantastic way to avoid the hassles and expenses of traditional sewer line repair.